MWR in Motion, Spring 2008 Magazine

By Rachel Bjorn

WHAT BETTER WAY to pass the last remaining cold days of the season than by enjoying a good book from Throckmorton Library! While perusing the aisles for your favorite author’s latest novel you can also check out the artwork of local artist Leslie Pearson.

Throckmorton Library hosts a rotating exhibition of artwork by local artists that changes several times a year and is open to the public for viewing. Pearson, a former soldier, describes the 15 pieces in this show as “an experiment in the process of painting” because most of the pieces are quite different from the traditional “brush to canvas” idea of painting. She uses a plethora of interesting materials to create her mixed media works including sand, spray paint, inks and wax. Her works will be on display through March 14 during regular library hours.

One of the more notable pieces is a small pastel called “KCMO Searching for Self #2”, which is from an 18 piece series. “The series came about in the months following the terrorist attacks of 9/11. During that time I contemplated the complexities of my own life and eventually joined the Army as a photojournalist,” Pearson said.“While the pieces in this series are much smaller and more intimate than is typical of my work, the heavy use of line and texture continues to be a dominant theme that illustrates my desire for balance.”

“Leslie Pearson is an artist exploring the traditional space we see on a daily basis in a nontraditional way through her rich use of lines, marks, and patterns,” said Tom Grubb, the Director of the Fayetteville Museum of Art. “From her titles the viewer gains insight as to what the artist is thinking--her use of a variety of media brings a sublime distinction to her work.”

Pearson received a 2006-2007 Regional Artist Project Grant from the Arts Council of Fayetteville/ Cumberland County, and recently published Off the Diving Board, a full-color art book featuring a collection of her narrative work. Her work can also be seen at Gallery 208 on Rowan Ave. until April 13.

Image: “Yellow” , Charcoal, spray-paint and acrylic paint on paper , 1999

Art Exhibit
WHEN: Through March 14, 2008
WHERE: Throckmorton Library Randolph Street 396-BOOK
HOURS: 11 am-9 pm Monday- Thursday 1-5 pm Friday-Sunday