Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts - Gatlinburg, TN

I was invited to be a part of the 2015 Arrowmont Pentaculum - a weeklong invitational artist residency and retreat experience in the heart of Gatlinburg, TN at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts. Their mission is to provide attendees in various points of their careers, and at a pivotal moment in their life, a space and time to reconnect with their making in a social studio setting. Through dialogues and collaborations with peer, participants engage in additional social activities amongst a rich community of makers who benefit from each individual's artistic and personal growth. I was overwhelmed at the beauty of this mountain region and enjoyed several hikes.

Coordinators of the event consist of previous Arrowmont Artist-In-Residence as well as other professionals in the field. The five participating studios – thus pentaculum – are Clay, Metals, Textiles, 2D, and a rotational studio and/or guest. Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts facilitates and hosts the event, but Pentaculum programming is organized by a committee of external coordinators. Participants are selected by this committee based on previous participant recommendations, consideration of character, current practice, and how each participant will contribute to the dynamic of the week.


Participants included:

Clay 2015 (1st Annual Pentaculum)

Linda Arbuckle
Margaret Bohls
Yoshi Fugii
Sunshine Cobb
Adrienne Eliades
Richard Peterson
David Hiltner
Israel Davis
Kip O'Krongly
Sean O'Connell
Josh Stover
Ellen Kleckner
Courtney Martin
Chase Gamblin
Kensuke Yamada
Kevin Rohde
Jovonnah Nicholson
David Kring
Rachel Ballard Bigley
Tommy Frank
Brian Harper
Janice Jakielski
Jonathan Fitz
Emily Duke
Daniel Garver
Nick Moen

Textiles 2015 (1st Annual Pentaculum)

Amy Gross
Delaney Smith
Pazia Mannella
Mary Buchanan
Aram Han
Lynn Pollard
Leslie Pearson
Joetta Maue
Colleen McCubbin Stepanic
Kate Kretz
Elizabeth McTear
Lily Desaussure
Julie Abijanac
Hillary Waters
Carrie Dickason
Jennifer Reis

Metals 2015 (1st Annual Pentaculum)

Angela Bubash
Anna Johnson
Ashley Buchanan
Emily Rogstad
Frankie Toan
Greg Orloff
Jaydan Moore
Loring Taoka
Robert Thomas Mullen
Sarah Rachel Brown
Sarah Tector
Suzanne Pugh

2D/Mixed Media 2015 (1st Annual Pentaculum)

Eileen Wallace
Jamie Karolich
Brooke Rothshank
Mercedes Jelinek
Leslie Walker Noell
Dustin Farnsworth
Anna Redmond
Jana Harper
Catherine Hart
Jeffrey Sincich
Leigh Suggs
Timothy R. Maddox
Rachel Meginnes
Cristina Cordova