February 22 - March 26, 2008
From the website of the Cape Fear Artist Studios, Inc.:

"We are thrilled to welcome prestigious local artist Leslie Pearson. Known for her large pieces and defined style, Leslie is a gem in our community and we are thrilled to have her at Cape Fear Studios with her unique show entitled Resonance and Relevance."

Artist Statement: These selections are from a series of painting called Resonance and Relevance, which reference various biblical stories, themes, scriptures. Much of the work so far focuses on women and reflects the strength and perseverance they have obtained throughout their lives and personal spiritual journeys. Although the stories from the Bible were written and lived out in a time and culture that seem ancient and unfamiliar, there are timeless truths learned by those women that are relevant for today.

The use of text is a recurring thematic element in my work. Sometimes the words bring clarity to the painting and sometimes it adds to the ambiguity of the image. Many artists have combined words and images in their art on occasion. Some artists reject the combination on the grounds that visual art should stand on its own without language. Others prefer to use words exclusively. In my case, the interplay between the hand-painted words and images acts as an effective vehicle for communicating ideas.

Every viewer brings their own experiences to artwork with how they see it and are usually making a conscious afford to find meaning. With the use of words I want to make people a little more aware of my intention behind the work. The paintings actively state something; they actually "have something to say." Words have a way of catching the eye. Letters in themselves can be aesthetically interesting symbols to look at. People bring their own recognition of those symbols, an understanding of what the words mean within the given social and historical context of the painted image, and within that framework they can find their own element of truth.