From the Davidson County Community College Website
August 3, 2007

The Moments in Time art exhibit will remain open through December 14 and may be viewed during the college's regular operating hours. The reception and exhibit are open to the public.

Eight artists representing a wide range of styles and mediums will be featured in Davidson County Community College’s fall art exhibit, Moments in Time, which opens on August 21. An opening reception is set for 4-6 p.m. in the Mendenhall Building on the Davidson Campus.

The exhibiting artists, who come from four different states, demonstrate how the various means of artistic expression they represent extend their views of form and design.

The artists selected for the Moments in Time show are Barbara Cullen of Winston-Salem – watercolor, mixed media, collage; Carl Gombert of Maryville, TN – oil, ink, mixed media, collage; Ed Harris of Elizabethtown – watercolor; Carolyn Landers of Naples, FL – oil; Steve LeGrand of Jamestown – sculpture; Callie Mott Matthews of N. Little Rock, AR – oil, print, pen, pencil; Leslie Pearson of Fayetteville – oil, acrylic, mixed media; and Laura Yarbrough of Lexington – photography.

Sculptor Steve LeGrand creates the beauty and movement of dance with his ballerina figures of Snow Queen and Hannah. The actual model for Hannah is Hannah Kiefer, the 2007 winner of Virginia’s Miss USA pageant. LeGrand has a fine eye for detail and gives his work a depth of feeling. He strives to capture the inner person with his sculptural figures and hopes to convey an emotional message.

Barbara Cullen adds a creative twist to cityscape, combining color and shape with mixed media to represent the ever changing views of a city and its excitement.

Carl Gombert puts his own spin on portraiture by looking for feelings behind the face and creating large works with small ink stampings that create a depth and form of their own.

Traditional painters Ed Harris in watercolor and Carolyn Landers in oil capture the beauty of flowers and still life with colorful works intended to excite the senses.

Callie Mott Matthews works from the belief that artistic awareness comes from an open mind. Her work of mark making and atmospheric value creates a visual field and depicts a moment in time.

Leslie Pearson’s work involves personal reflection. Her ideas and emotions are represented by words, patterns and textures.

Photographer Laura Yarbrough senses a vitality in life that her photos represent with color and form. Read more...